The Nook is a cozy and versatile space to rent for all your hosting needs.

We offer The Living Room for private events, workshops, pop up events, and shopping our local vendors during our regular hours.

Our Hair & Bridal Nook is great for clients in need of a hairstylist and to brides on their wedding day further complimented by our Photo Nook available to all local photographers looking for a fully customizable studio space with a constantly growing catalog of available props by request.


Come see the brand new upscale rental space everyone talking is about!



The Living Room is the focal point of The Nook and where a majority of events are held.


The Bridal Nook is complimented by an in-house Hair Studio and resident hairstylist, Joanne Hart.


Custom designed Photography Studio with interchangeable props, accessories, and furniture.


What are people saying about one of the newest rental spaces in St. Thomas?

“It's the perfect size when a hall would be too big, and the value added amenities are great.” - Helena C.

“What a great day spent here at The Nook before my sisters wedding. Beautiful, chill environment.” - Joy L.

“Attended a baby shower at The Nook. Amazing place to hold an event. This type of facility was definitely needed in St. Thomas and I highly recommend it.” - Sue M.


Featured at The Nook:

  • Wedding Showers

  • Baby Showers

  • "Morning Of" Bridal Pampering

  • Birthday, Work and Retirement Gatherings

  • Meetings, Workshops and Seminars

  • Book & Social Club Gatherings

  • Custom Photography Sessions

  • Locally Sourced Pop-up Shops

  • Local Skilled Artisans & Beauty Specialists

  • Upscale Hair Studio

  • and more!